The Best Raw Materials for Disc Granulation Line

Are you finding the best raw materials for a disc granulation line? In this article, you can see various examples of raw materials that are suitable for a disc granulation line, including organic fertilizer, compound fertilizer, npk fertilizer, and chemicals. We will also discuss the key features of the production line and the included equipment.

Part 1: Raw Materials Suitable for Disc Granulation Line

To attain effective granulation in a disc granulation line, selecting the appropriate raw materials is essential. Organic fertilizers, such as compost, are excellent options because they are nutrient-rich and support healthy plant growth. Similarly, compound and NPK fertilizers offer a balanced mix of essential elements for plants. Additionally, small quantities of chemicals can be utilized to enhance the granulation process.

Part 2: Features of the Production Line 

A disc granulation line comprises a range of machines and equipment designed to streamline the granulation process. Typically, the production line features a loader-type feeder that efficiently introduces raw materials into the granulator. A rotary screen machine is used to filter out oversized particles, thereby maintaining the quality of the final product. At the core of the line is the disc granulator, which converts raw materials into granules. Additionally, a granular packing scale and belt conveyors facilitate the seamless packaging and transportation of the granules.

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Equipment for Simple Disc Granulation Line
Equipment for Simple Disc Granulation Line

Part 3: Disc Granulation Line Process

In this section, you will know the process of disc granulation line, step by step. To begin with, raw materials are loaded into the feeder, which subsequently transports them to the rotary screen machine. This machine filters out any oversized particles, ensuring the granules are uniform in size. Next, the materials proceed to the disc granulator, where they are exposed to high-speed rotation and the impact of the disc, converting them into round granules through mechanical force. Finally, the granules are transferred to the granular packing scale for packaging, ready for further use or distribution.


In summary, selecting appropriate raw materials is crucial for the successful operation of a disc granulation line. Options such as organic fertilizers, compound fertilizers, NPK fertilizers, and various chemicals are highly effective. By comprehending the characteristics of the production line and the equipment involved, farmers and manufacturers can make well-informed choices about their granulation processes. Remember, Yushunxin is a professional fertilizer equipment manufacturer, providing top-quality equipment for your disc granulation needs. You can visit: