How to use double roller pelletizer to make 10 t/h limestone pellets

Introduction to Double Roller Pelletizer

The roller pelletizer is a machine used to produce pellets from various materials, including limestone. It is an efficient and cost-effective way to create high-quality pellets for various applications. The double roller pelletizer works by pressing the material through two rollers that rotate in opposite directions, creating pressure and heat that forms the pellets.

Preparing Limestone for Pelletizing

Before using the double roller pelletizer to make limestone pellets, it is important to prepare the material properly. This involves crushing the limestone to a fine powder and ensuring that it is free from any impurities. The limestone should also be dried to remove any moisture, as this can affect the quality of the pellets.

Setting Up the Double Roller Pelletizer

Once the limestone is prepared, the next step is to set up the double roller pelletizer. This involves adjusting the rollers to the correct size and shape for the desired pellet size. The rollers should be set to a pressure that is high enough to create a strong pellet, but not so high that it causes the material to crumble.

Using the Double Roller Pelletizer

To use the double roller pelletizer, the prepared limestone is fed into the machine at a steady rate. The rollers press the material together, creating heat and pressure that forms the pellets. The pellets are then ejected from the machine and can be cooled and collected for use.

Achieving 10 t/h Production Rate

To achieve a production rate of 10 t/h with the double roller pelletizer, it is important to optimize the machine’s settings and ensure a consistent feed rate. This may involve adjusting the speed of the rollers, the pressure, and the size of the pellets. It is also important to regularly maintain the machine to ensure it is running at peak efficiency.


The double roller pelletizer is an effective and efficient way to produce limestone pellets. By properly preparing the material, setting up the machine, and optimizing its settings, it is possible to achieve a production rate of 10 t/h. With regular maintenance and careful operation, the double roller pelletizer can produce high-quality pellets for various applications.